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    Transforming Financial Services
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    Delivering Real Value

Creating Value by Funding Innovation in Financial Services

TTV Capital invests in technology-enabled financial services businesses that serve the varied needs of the financial services sector and the consumers of financial products. Our team of experienced technology and financial services professionals has more than 100 years of venture capital and highly relevant industry operating expertise acquired across three decades and multiple economic cycles. Our primary goal is to create value for entrepreneurs and investors by using our knowledge, experience and relationships to help businesses grow and succeed.

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    • Steve Streit

      “We connected with TTV early on based upon the pedigree of the firm and their principals. They were instrumental to our company’s success and growth. Not only did they play a strategic role on our board, they also assisted us in executing our plan by using their relationships to help us acquire two very important initial clients.”

      —Steve Streit, CEO, Green Dot

    • Grimes-Scott

      “Very few VCs know the financial industry, maybe five or six out of the entire market. If you’re a financial entrepreneur, TTV really should be a part of your company’s investor portfolio. I don’t think of TTV as a typical VC, I think of them as experienced financial executives who are there to help guide the company.”

      —Scott Grimes, CEO, Cardlytics